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The #1 List of Leaked Snapchat Account of 2019

If you are like us, then you must be just as excited as we are about this list. It is not every day or even every month you gain access to 35 of Snapchats leaked nudes accounts. Yes, we said it you get FREE access to verified nude leaks. Our team has confirmed all of the usernames listed below are real and authentic. Having doubts? Take a look for yourself!

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how to take the perfect selfie? Heres a step-by-step guide.


Whether you are taking snapchat nudes, posing with your girlfriends or just trying to take a good photo for Instagram there are a few things you should first familiarise yourself with. We encourage you to follow this easy guide to get the perfect selfie you've always dreamed of.

I want to start off by saying you do not need a tripod, this is a major misconception. In fact, I think tripods are overrated but if you are determined to use a tripod then, by all means, go for it. Either way, this guide will help to achieve all of your selfie goals.

  1. Lighting is everything
  2. Do yourself a favor and please do not try to take a “good” selfie in the dark. Yes I know, there is a flash on all phones but the image will show more signs of imperfections or rather nothing appealing at all. So just don't do it. If you want to take a photo outside be sure to be facing some type of light.

    For daytime photos, I recommend taking as many outdoors as possible. WHY? When it comes to lighting, bigger is always better! Big, diffused surfaces ie. the sun offers you so much more than a regular lightbulb could.

    Whether you are taking photos inside or out be sure to turn your body to be directly facing the light source. This will not only help with the unwanted shadows, but it will also reduce contrast and in turn creates a smoother texture appearance.

  3. Take more than three photos
  4. This is CRUCIAL and may seem a bit annoying but if you want to have the “perfect selfie” you are going to need to become comfortable with taking a minimum of 6 “selfies”. This is just my personal rule of thumb, fill free to take more than that. The reason for this is so you have a variety of different options to choose from instead of trying to make that one photo look amazing.

  5. Use Live Photo on iphone
  6. If you have an iphone use the LIVE photo option. This is by far my favorite selfie secret. Although it may look like it only took one photo, it actually takes a burst of photos. Don't believe me? Check for yourself by clicking the image you want, go to edit, then you can see all of the frames. To choose a specific frame just click on the desired frame and click the “make key photo” popup and boom now it saved as your new photo. Don't worry, If you want to go back to the original frame simply just go back into the edit and rechoose the frame.

    - For even more fun press and hold down on the live photo you just took, now its a mini video. Cool right? Now you can throw that one image into an Instagram story and it will automatically create a boomerang.

  7. Photo editing apps are your best friend
  8. There is no shame in editing your selfie before you post/ send it. So why be upset about not being tan enough or wishing you could zap away a blemish. There are many photo editing apps out there apps that do this but these are the top two I have found to be life-changing.

    -VSCO: choose from over 50 different filters, edit the lighting, concentration, crop, and much more!

    -FACETUNE: Is like Visco on steroids, this app does it all. From the basic filters, to help you smile bigger, squeezing in your thighs, taking away your blemishes, and reshaping where needed.

Here are a few extra tips that have saved me from sending an embarrassing selfie.

  • Consider your background at all times! No one wants to see your dirty clothes all over the floor, or your boyfriend laying on the bed behind you.
  • Take full advantage of natural light- Even if you want to take photos inside you can stand in a well-lit room facing a window.
  • Angle is everything! Just remember this, Keep your chin down and your camera up.
  • Don't over-edit, This is very easy to do. If you are editing and your not sure if you look to “orange” or “too skinny” just send the selfie to a close friend and ask for their honest opinion.
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